EL stupido

So I've been using an iGoogle gadget "Walk for Good" ... and um, suddenly it didn't have my information in it. I kept refreshing, logged in and logged out, and then got frustrated and deleted it... Apparently that was a stupid move:

The FAQ says this about lost data Anonymous - Jul 3, 2008 - Report this comment

Try the following. (1) Refresh your iGoogle page by pressing the F5 key to see if that takes care of the problem. (2) Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser. (3) If the above did not resolve the problem, it's possible that our database is temporarily unavailable. We don't expect this to happen very often, but if it does, your data is not lost. If you experience this, please leave the gadget on your page and check back later. A NOTE OF CAUTION: Do NOT remove the gadget and add it again. Do NOT add a second copy of the gadget to your page. These things will cause your data to be lost.

Whatever - I'd walked for two weeks, and I could recreate it on paper (it won't let you go back in time in the computer program)... I'm not even sure if it's worth it. Why oh why did I need to check it? This is just depressing. I need to switch gyms, but that's a totally separate *itch session.


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