Routines, Not Just for Babies

Baby Feet
I loved being a mama to a baby, both times. Having a baby was so sweet and fun. I love sleeping through the night again, and having time to myself to work and write and shop. But there will never be a time in my life to compare to the bliss of being a true baby mama. (Liv and I have been watching videos on my phone, and we've scrolled back to many from her babyhood.)

One thing I was very good at (besides breastfeeding, which turned out to be a natural talent) was maintaining routines. We still stick to routines around here -- solid bedtime routine step-by-step, mealtimes together, do the same thing every Sunday, etc. It's not boring or monotonous, it just lets us all know what to expect.

And I for one find great comfort in that. Routine, schedule, knowing what to expect are all part of my preferences for how life should be and what makes me happiest/most comfortable.

I know routines can be broken without problem. We do have *some* flexibility of course. But I'm also finding that routines are good for more than just babies and kids. My routines make a difference to me, a positive difference mostly I'd say.

Beyond the typical grooming routines -- nightly shower, twice a day brushing, couple times a week hair washing and styling, etc. -- and daily coffee, I also am experiencing routines that are specific to this season.

One is the 90 Day Bible Challenge, which has been a really great thing for me. I want to actually finish it and reflect AFTER I'm done, but I'll say it's been a balm to read Scripture every day even when (or perhaps especially when) I don't understand.

And for six weeks of that challenge I was also doing a Cup of Our Life book study, which was more reading and intentional prayer and reflecting. I didn't do the study correctly, as I never set aside enough time, sometimes raced through the prompts, etc. But I always thought about the lessons and I certainly got something out of it. The routine of it all was important to me too.

So now I'm back to the NaBloPoMo routine, and firing up my computer every day. (I do turn it on most days, but some days I just don't need to because I can check any emails via phone or Kindle Fire.) This is day 3, so not really a routine, but it has made me start remembering things I wanted to write, realizing 30 days is a long time!

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