Germs, Germs Go Away

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Shawn came home from his trip sounding worse than all of us -- coughing and very hoarse. I hope he gets better soon, and I pity his students who have to listen to him tomorrow. Jane returned to school today and is feeling better, although she's still having attitude issues -- just rage-y and very mad about things for no apparent reason. No sure if that has to do with being sick, being almost-7, Daddy being away for a few days, or too much Halloween candy. I am dealing with a raging headache and some cold symptoms, but nothing like the hard, hurting cough the others have ... so far.

So it seems like we're all on the mend, or at least not getting worse.

Until about 10:30 last night when I was getting into bed and Livia started crying. I went in and she was very warm. At first I thought it was being buried in blankets in too hot jams. I changed her dipe, cooled her off but she was still warm so got the thermometer -- 101 fever. Tylenol, cooler jams and back to bed. She cried off and on more in the night -- laid in our bed for a while before the Tylenol worked to break the fever and she wanted to get back in her crib to sleep.

This morning she woke up still warm, so more Tylenol. She was lethargic and didn't eat much breakfast. She laid on the couch and watched Daniel Tiger for an hour, then got up and played/acted almost normal. She ate a good lunch then took a solid nap. When I got her up for Jane's carpool she was happy and seemed fine. By the time we got back home she was very warm again -- 102! -- so more Tylenol and now she's back on the couch.

I have SO MUCH to do for Jane's party this Saturday (at our house/in the back yard so I need to clean the house/hide a lot of clutter and toys -- pray the forecast holds and no rain on Saturday so we can definitely be outside for the bounce house!). I can't really handle Livia being home from school and get everything I need to do done without driving myself crazy. So I guess crazy is what I'll be, at least tomorrow. And I hope Livia can fight off whatever new germ this is so she can get back to school for Wednesday and Thursday.

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