Do I Write?

This is what I look like today.
I am a writer, and I'm even being paid for writing lately (well, I have an overdue invoice with the magazine, but in theory anyway -- and they are definitely publishing my writing). I haven't made time/haven't felt like writing much here. My girls do plenty of cute things still, and I could easily use this blog to document our lives.

For life documenting I still do the weekly email, which goes to both girls' private inboxes, with photos of our activities. I post frequently on Facebook in a "isn't my life fun" and "aren't I a good mom" type fashion. I use Twitter for bitching and moaning, and some light life documentation. I also try to amplify other voices on Twitter when they say things in ways I wish I would. (Amplify to my 3-4 regular followers, but amplify none-the-less.)

I haven't NOT written in November in a decade, right? I remember last year I made some mistakes and didn't do all the posts on the actual days, but otherwise I've been pretty consistent.

I still read a lot. (Catch me on Goodreads to see exactly what I've been reading.) I'm doing the 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge -- reading from Genesis to Revelation in 90 days. I've kept up, although certainly not understanding or retaining as much as I would with a deeper, slower study. (Although coming to understand the whole Babylon exile story line a bit more by slogging through the OT at a rapid pace.)

Reading Scripture anyway has sucked up time I would normally be scrolling social media (although I still do plenty of that), and in some places I can gain perspective -- the crumbling of our society due to fascist rule is not God's plan, but there's a larger arcing story. Not sure that's the message I'm meant to get, but there you go.

That's not to say I don't stay up twisted in knots about all the horrible policies, the racism, the sexism, misogyny and white supremacy that pervade the government and the awful, incompetent people in power. I do. I grieve for those who are impacted so much more than I am, and I know I'm not doing enough to make a difference.

So I write. And I guess I will write this month too.

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