Minor Inconveniences

After very little sleep last night because of Jane's ear hurting she was still sick today. So instead of one day of school she'll miss two this week (we're traveling for a wedding this weekend). She seemed better after some Tylenol, but then was worse as it wore off. I called the doctor, and I am GLAD we went.

The minor annoyance was the wait. Our appointment was at 2:50 p.m. and we weren't seen until after 3:30 p.m. Jane was really a wilting flower too, but with her tablet she kept herself occupied for as long as possible.

Verdict is definite infection and one ear drum had ruptured. Ugh. So drops in that ear and an antibiotic, both for 10 days. She's sleeping now, and I can only HOPE for a full night's sleep for everyone. I'm running on about 4 hours myself. Spoke too soon as she slept for an hour, has cried for 30 minutes with another Tylenol dose. Maybe she can get more rest. I don't know.

But no worries for my rest -- I accidentally got a full-caf iced latte from CC's today. I SWEAR I said decaf, but the receipt didn't say that and as soon as I sipped I could "taste" the jolt. I hope I can wind down and sleep tonight!

There was also a lot of traffic on the way home, and then we had to wait at the pharmacy for her medicine. Totally rich people problems, and I tried to keep myself mindful of the great blessing of same-day medical care from doctor to pharmacy, health insurance to cover it all and the time to dedicate to taking care of my girl.

If only I handled all annoyances as well...

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