Ballet Annoyances

crochet ballet bun cover
Crocheted bun cover for ballet
Jane has been going to ballet since August. It's at a relatively affordable place, $45/month for one class per week. They only take checks, and I have forgotten my check more than once, including today. Grrrr... I hate doing stuff like that.

A major ongoing annoyance is the temperature of the waiting room. It is always stifling hot. I don't know why they want to melt the people who write the checks. Theoretically I could leave, but if Jane needed to go potty or if I got caught in traffic that would be bad. So here I sit.

The other little girls also drive me crazy. One today gave Jane a perfect bitch stare while Jane was twirling in the lobby and said "I can do something much more beautiful" then did a jumping lunge type move. So weird and ugly.

A few weeks ago we had trouble with "best friends" and some girls saying they were best friends with each other not Jane. Jane reacted physically with pushing, so she was the one in trouble. I got a serious lecture, as if I had pushed a three-year-old myself!! The teacher also accusingly pointed at Jane and told me I should "talk to her!" The other parents got glowing reports and no mention of the mean girl behavior. Obviously I did talk with Jane and remind her EVERY week not to talk about best friends. And I think she is still separated from those girls during class. It is not ok to push or be physical, and we haven't had other problems yet. I still get a frosty vibe from the teacher, but that may be imagined. I am sensitive, even more so about my J-buggie.

Another stupid incident -- we were all leaving and a girl (of "best friend" fame) said, "Bye, James!" repeatedly. Jane didn't respond, but I said goodbye to the girl by name. While we were still in earshot the girl's grandma said, "She's not a very friendly girl, is she?" I said "we can hear you!" But I'm not sure she heard or noticed -- or would have cared if she did hear. I fumed about that for a good while. It is totally fake southern niceness, which wears on me quite a bit.

So. Maybe we should find another activity. There is gymnastics, but I'm not sure it would be any better. I am a social malcontent. I am making efforts for Jane though.

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