Reading Slump

Almost made it to the end of the 24 hour day without a post. Ah! I am sure in December some really good post ideas will come to me ... at least I hope.

I haven't been reading much lately. I've been crocheting a lot more (and watching TV while I "hook"). But I also have just been stuck on the holds list for certain ebooks through my library. I absolutely love the ebook library service, and it's well worth the wait to me to have a book to read for free that I don't have to keep or worry about whether I "own" the digital copy (as I would own a physical copy).

I thought of another thing I bought that I wanted to love but didn't -- my sparkle Toms. I wore them at Thanksgiving and my feet were ouchies at the end of the day (and honestly throughout the day too). The soles are not cushy or something, so it's the bottoms of my feet that hurt the most. And they're not that stretchy so they're a pain to get on and off. I think I just have fat feet not meant for cool, trendy shoes. (And heavy calves not meant for cool, trendy tall boots ... although I am somewhat proud of the muscles in my calves and it's just a genetic thing.) Oh well.

I failed on my attempt to totally stay away from Black Friday shopping. I bought some PJs for Jane at Walmart when I went to get her some toothpaste and me a new bath pouf -- the one I travel with smelled funky ... TMI? Well, it's late!

I'm also scrambling to get ten free Shutterfly cards with the Black Friday code. Six bucks shipping. I'm just getting Jane note cards because I already ordered cards from Snapfish for our Christmas cards. They should be there this week.

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