Cold Snap

The weather has broken ... finally ... and we're swinging from hot, sweaty and muggy to chilly, windy and beyond brisk. Me likey. I need to get Jane some better-fitting long pants. We're making great progress with potty training, and without the diaper all her pants fit differently, i.e. fall down.

The cold makes preschool drop-off much harder because it's indoor only, meaning all students have to be dropped off and picked up at the doors instead of half on the playground. It makes an unpleasant process even worse and more dangerous. But it is what it is, and I'm glad Jane didn't have to play outside in the cold.

I've really made a big shift in my emotions about preschool. At the beginning I was emotional and hated leaving her. Now I'm so comfortable with her teacher that we both look forward to it. Now that my university job is over I am using the time to exercise, clean a little and go to Target (huzzah!). 

I got a flu shot today, and Jane watched. She asked the lady to give me another shot in the other arm. Silly bug. We have her 3 year checkup tomorrow and that's when she'll get her flu shot. Next year I'll have to schedule a separate visit to get the flu shot instead of waiting for her 4 year checkup.

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