Crochet Beret: Mama King

It started with Jane seeing me in a shower cap (I'd blown out my hair a while back and try to keep it as dry as possible when I shower to make it last). She said I looked like a "Mama King" then laughed and laughed. (Truthfully so did I!)

Then it turned cold and I got out my recently crocheted-for-myself hat and it looks like a shower cap and ilicits shouts of "MAMA KING" when I wear it.

The hat is made with some bamboo yarn I inherited from a friend when she moved. I had to buy a second skein to make a hat big enough to fit my noggin but it's very soft and cute. It's not actually very warm but it's the only one I can find that fits me. My cashmere hat is MIA. Boo hoo. I hope it turns up.

Who wore it best? Janie King!

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