Crochet Hats for No Real Purpose

When I made hats last Christmas for many of the toddlers in my life my aunt mentioned that she could probably sell them at her work's craft fair in the fall. After I worked on some crochet blankets in the first of the year I started to work my way through my stash of yarn and have ended up with about 50 toddler- and baby-sized hats (and bought more yarn because I can't seem to stop). There are so many hat ideas, and each one takes me just a few hours to make. The character ones take the longest because of the small pieces and sewing them in place (sometimes having to redo them placement because I'm not happy with my first try).

I'm not sure that I can actually find buyers for any of the hats -- or how I'm going to stop myself from making more. Hrm.


Sydney said...

It seems like people will want to buy them when they see this picture.

Anonymous said...

Really, really nice work. They are darling! You can sell these and more, I am sure! Well-done!


KedaiHWI said... make them yourself? how much for 1 hat if you want to sell them?

Mari said...

I was thinking $15-20 for the character hats and $10 for the more plain ones. Does that seem too much?

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