Sore Hands

Planted marsh grass today as part of a work field trip. I used a dibble (?) and dug holes and put the little plants in. I had my first ride on an airboat. That was pretty scary. Check out my kicks -- white shrimp boots that my work colleague secured for me. Def protected my feet from the muck!

It was a rough day overall -- waking up at 5:30, leaving at 6, no food or bathroom break until we were back in BR. I worked the last two hours from home ... I kind of missed it!

So anyway, a long day, I'm tired and my hands are sore from digging. Makes me appreciate my office job more, although it was fun as a half-day thing. Also I should get to leave early on Friday (perhaps for shopping?) to offset the extra work hours today. My hands are still dirty. ICK!

Here's the song that was in Medium (the show that also introduced me to a favorite Dixie Chicks tune). I've liked other Sara Bareilles songs via Pandora. Kind of haunting ... in a good way.

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Anonymous said...

An airboat?

Is that the thing that Marlon Perkins would use to cruise through the Everglades?


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