Game Day

We were warned about the insanity of home football games and tailgating, and because of that we were able to stay out of the fray. I can't compare it to the madness that is Times Square on a daily basis because we didn't go walk about, but probably on the next one we'll make the effort and I'll be able to offer more informed input. But from a distance it doesn't look SO bad:

Game Day Cars (normally that's just grass)
Stadium, viewed from the roof of our parking garage ... how 'bout that sky?!
We did what has become our normal Saturday routine -- get up, go to the gym, have a swim, then lunch. But there were extra twists, and not because of the game! Our new couch arrived at around 10 a.m. Still not sure how we're going to arrange things "permanently" but for now here is what it looks like:

Shawn on our new love seat
You can tell that he's working on lectures. The free desk in the background is what we're using for my computer, and the little end table that holds the printer was something we acquired from Frank, who lived in 8G before we did. Our dining table is behind the sofa, which works for now because it gives Shawn a place for his computer when he brings it home, and it props up my Thomas Moran print. But we might ditch it (or store it) and go for a coffee table instead -- ideally a lift top one so we could still have a dining space other than the bar counter. There's still plenty of room in front of the couch, and there's space on both sides. Will have to get used to it. So far so good though -- it's very comfortable!

The crochet piece in the photo is a work-in-progress baby blanket that's nearing completion. More photos on that to come, but it's a pattern that Gran gave me (she bought a kit and changed her mind ... I'll take leftovers any day!). It's worked up so nicely, like a modified granny square made into a star burst. Just a few more rounds to go, but they're the longest rounds of all!

So, couch delivered, we go work out. Nothing seems crazy at all. Still plenty of parking spots open in our lot and garage, and traffic doesn't seem bad. We just have to walk around the building to the gym, so no big deal either way. After working out we had a quick swim (would rather do that than bother with sunblock ... shameful I know), and we were the only ones in the pool area. I guess tailgating means partying in the hot parking lot instead of by the pool? Whatever!

I think this means we need to have a pool party next game day ... if only the guests could get into our lot. (There are 50 guest passes available for game days, but seems like there should be more because there's still plenty of parking in the garage ... although I guess it might be a security issue!) Or we should just have a pool party on a regular evening. These kids/our neighbors are certainly not night swimmers!

Then we made lunch -- waffles using our wedding gift waffle iron/sandwich maker/grill. Pretty tasty, although I did overflow the second batch. They were good, but even though the mix was whole grain or something I could still feel the difference of such a carbo-loaded lunch. Got hungry again pretty fast even though we ate a lot. Just a treat, and not something we'll do every weekend. But fun to try out our new toys!

The rest of the day has been spent on laundry and lectures. I crocheted, watched some DVR'ed TV (the new stuff starts this week, and I am ready for some new DiNozzo!) and made a light dinner.

We tried to get delivery, just for something different, but no way on game day. I guess that's really been our only brush with something different about this Saturday; although I'm sure that if we'd gone out in our car it would have been a different story and loads of traffic.

I am bummed that I wasn't able to go out to Michaels -- their 50% off framing ended today, so I guess I'll have to wait until the next sale (or maybe at Hobby Lobby, which is closer) to get my diplomas framed (and pick up a frame for the crochet print). Another day ...

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