Culturally Speaking

Last night we tasted our first bit of the local arts scene and went to opening night of an LSU performance. It had really great costumes. And it was fun to go to the theater, no matter where we live.

I'm going to be helping this theater company do some online marketing and sprucing up of their website (an opportunity that came out of a failed job interview). So that should be exciting and a way for me to keep up my online interests. Perhaps even a spring board to a future career/self-run business. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I wore my black and white floral skirt, something I last wore at grad school graduation. I don't really dress up for work, so it was fun to feel fancy for a minute (or actually 4 hours ... the play was a tad-bit long).

It's another game day, and this time we've invited some people over to take advantage of the (hopefully) empty pool. We're going to grill burgers and swim. There's a chance of rain, but hoping anything that comes through is quick and moves on. We're expecting cooler temps after Sunday, and by cooler I mean high 80s instead of mid-90s.

For these, and many reasons, I miss New York. But I wouldn't trade my life with Shawn and how happy he is in his job for anything. I'll get settled and figure out what I'm really meant to do here.

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