By the Numbers

One: black ring gift I received when we stopped in Annapolis en route to our new home. Also has matching earrings and bracelet. Is from Kazakhstan.REALLY like it, and it was sort of put aside in the shuffle of the move. Putting into the accessories rotation now though. (Yeah, I don't really have an accessories rotation, but it sounded good in my head.)

Two: months left in my 20s. Trying to sort out what to do for my 30th is adding stress to an already too-taxed brain/heart/whatever. My big 3-0 falls on Black Friday, day after Thanksgiving. The whole country will celebrate by shopping. I like that.

Three: months until Boxing Day, which means just under three months until Christmas. I need to get started on my list. I already have a few things that I've picked up on travels and from New York (did a bit of a buying frenzy before I left ... but never enough, no never enough). I also got Christmas cards from the Met for $5. They are stunning.

Four: of us at our dinner/pool party last night. We were the only ones in the pool area the entire time. The grilled burgers were amazing -- Shawn even wore his grilling shirt that he hasn't been able to really wear since Maryland days. It's nice to be creating a social circle, no matter how much it goes against my mole-ish, hermit-like tendencies. I had a great time ... and the frozen margaritas helped!

Five: ingredient easy cheat frozen margarita recipe: fill blender 2/3 or so with ice, add can of frozen limeade, fill can with tequila and add, add 1/3 can of triple sec. Crush ice setting and then blend. When you think it's done, blend just a little more. Serve with lime and/or salt (so 5-6 ingredients depending on how you do.) Surely there are better ways to make them (I think I read a low carb version once ... will have to hunt that down). I'm in trouble now that I know I can make these any time I want -- no need to go out and pay $6-10 a pop.

Nothing else right now ... more this week I hope though!

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