Upgrade You

I got a new phone, how about that? And how cool are the purple keys (it's a light thing)? In the process I downgraded our monthly minutes (saving some cash), because now that I have a work phone I don't have to spend personal cell minutes on work related calls!

The phone has GPS, PTT and internet, and the buttons for those are all right near keys I would need to use regularly (i.e. a good chance I'll make mistakes and get charged for services I don't want). But one e-mail to AT&T customer service and got those services turned off. The only downside is I can't receive picture messages, but I never received any of those anyway. I still have a lot to learn about the phone though. Switched from LG to Nokia, and it's a totally different OS. Eh.

After about 2 hours of work/setting up I did finally figure out how to get the photos from my old phone to my computer. It should be a similar Bluetooth set up to move some Owen pics over to this new phone. It will have to tide me over until the phone and Owen are in the same place so I can get a fresh batch of Owen shots!

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