Time Travel, Train Style

9:04 a.m. -– writing this well before I’ll have internet access to post. It is unbearably hot on this train. A far cry from a trip almost a year ago when the car wasn’t heated at all during an early March snow storm.

I would be freshly awake if I were at home, but today I’ve already been awake for more than four hours. It is ridiculous and tonight I’ll be crashing early, at least that’s the plan..

I read the New York Times, including an article about bird houses that I intend to clip for Aunt Lee Ann, assuming I don’t forget and toss/recycle the entire paper at Union Station. I wonder if she’s burned out on bird houses yet. She got a lot of them for Christmas!

2:15 p.m. –- delayed return train makes it a bit of a drag. I have crochet and a downloaded iTunes movie.

6:41 p.m. -- made it home and exhausted. going to sleep early tonight. going to post this just for the fun of it.

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