Dateline OKC

OKLAHOMA CITY--At the airport today, screening took mere minutes, as there was no line and the security personnel were on top of things. So here I sit, enjoying free Google WiFi, with almost an hour to kill before boarding. Shawn went to get some food (an in-airport Sonic!) and my laptop is on mostly because I need to charge my iPod (how dumb that they don't come with wall chargers? but even dumber, if they had I would have left it on American Airlines flight from Miami last month).

Vacation at home was fun times. Owen is a card and always keeps things funny. Today was lunch at MeMe's. It was so bright and pretty cold, but the snow is melting finally. Not sure if they'll see any more in the season. It's snowing in NYC now, which worries me about getting home. I'm always a stressed traveller, even though we have a built-in buffer day should anything go wrong. I certainly hope we arrive home tonight, so tomorrow can be resting and NYU women's basketball. Go Violets!

Owen and I made a little video today at the airport, and I have other photos and things to put together on Flickr.

There's a crazy woman talking quite loudly on her phone here -- I'm hearing all about her car accident, medical maladies, etc. etc. It's wearing me out.

Good news: I did not get sick while we were home. However, it's quite possible that I'm contracting the *whatever-it-is* en route home. No real symptoms (my mom, Beth and Owen were all coughing the entire time we were home plus sneezing, sore throat, etc.), but there's just something about my head that feels "off." I took vitamin C, echinacea and my multivitamin. I should have been drinking more water (Sonic drinks overtake me!) ... when I wasn't working I got plenty of rest by sleeping in. Maybe it's just the exhaustion of travel and all that jazz.

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