06 January 2010

Effectively Silenced

What was going around when I was in Oklahoma has landed on me. I don't have the cough as much as my mom, sister, Dad and Owen did, but that may come. I've got a REALLY sore throat, which makes me sound like a frog if I try to talk. (I'm sure Shawn's loving the quiet!) And I'm tired and have a general sense of malaise (how much of that is due to being sick is hard to say).

My mom/Beth sent me my phone charger in a special rush package. It's the wrong charger/not the one for my phone, so I'm still without cell. Not a big deal, as no one really calls me on it and if I need to make calls I have a "land" line. Just another way that fits into the "effectively silenced" theme along with my sore throat/missing voice. But I do wonder where my phone charger is ...

Happy Epiphany!

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Sydney said...

I know where your phone charger is. It's in a flat rate box on its way to NYC. At least I hope it's your phone charger. It looks like a small USB cable and it was by the desk that you used. Surely there can't be 3 chargers over. Don't lose the one I sent you before, it may be to something else I'll need to charge someday.