Lost & Found

This day ... this day.

It started with a one heck of a racket in the hallway -- the sound of hammering on metal. This continued for FOUR hours straight, and I finally realized it was the Verizon people installing Fios in our building by first pulling down all the material holding up the cables or wiring or something. I was nervous about losing Internet connection -- they had wires everywhere -- but everything stayed online aside from the usual Outlook connection issues.

Shawn got on his way to Lubbock. I won't hear that he arrived for a while yet, I think. But we'll see. He's there for a conference and networking. It's what it takes to make the bank I guess. Time investment in the career and our future. So I can deal. Definitely missing him though!

At about 1:30 or so I decide to run out to the NYU ticket office and buy seats for the "Wishful Drinking" one-woman show by Carrie Fisher. Shawn normally buys things because he has the full privileges ID, but these didn't go on sale until after he left. It's raining pretty steadily, but the building is just a couple blocks away, so I figure why not? I actually had no hassles getting the tickets. The guy wasn't allowed to sell them to me on Shawn's ID, but when I showed him mine he said "don't worry about it" and sold them. I put them snugly in my left hip pocket to protect them from the rain.

I walked to the library to return my books (hey, while I'm out), and I didn't want the tickets to get bent in my bag with the books rattling around. What a bad idea. When I finally get back to the apartment I go to pull the tickets out of my pocket and ...




So I immediately dump my bag, on the off chance that I smartly put them in my bag to keep them safe from the rain and just forgot to tell my brain that. Nope. So I turn around and head back to the street -- saying hey to the rackety noise-making workers and the doorman on my way out. I re-trace my steps ...

Up Greene Street, to Waverly, over to University, up to 9th Street, across 5th Avenue, almost to 6th Avenue ... when I spot them!

They're just lying there, so sad, on the sidewalk, totally drenched and just uck. I pick them up, turn about and head back home ... where there's time sensitive work to do on top of everything else.

The tickets are drying out and the ink didn't run or anything. The envelope was ruined, but I'm glad they were in an envelope to have at least a bit of protection.

"Wishful Drinking" had better be a wonderful show after the panic and racing around to find them!


Heather said...

The part of this story I like is the FOUND. :)

Hope it's a great show!

P.S. Thanks for the comment the other day. The dream wasn't about you (in case you were wondering), and things are going okay. Trying to pick up and be positive for awhile. Hopefully more frequent posting will both do that and keep friends and family in the loop more.

Sydney said...

What an exciting story. When I said, "Oh no!" Beth spoiled the end by saying, "she finds them." I guess I should've known that by the title.

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