Bloody Sunday

My mom (or main reader of this humble blog) just told me she doesn't like negativity online. But this has been such a terrible day I can't help myself but chronicling it. I'll try to add some positives to balance it.

MTA hates me. Transit never fails to screw me up somehow. Last weekend it was the 4/5 running local, and me getting off a 6 train to church to wait for the express that never came, meaning I was late for church. I knew better this time, so Shawn and I got to church on time no problem.

The service itself was disjointed and long - over an hour and a half. There's a rotating cast of guest organists and this one played extra/delayed the start of the service, and the pastor got confused a couple times about the order of worship, causing some doubling back. Really pretty strange.

Positive - I think someone's prayers are being answered, as the pastor's sermons are getting better to me ... they're not as good as the pastor previously before her, but they're definitely delivering messages I need to hear. So that's something.

The trip back from church ... not so easy. We decided to save $ and take the bus home. We walked to 5th Avenue to take the direct bus, and get on. Of COURSE at 59th street the driver informs us no buses can go "up" 5th Avenue due to a parade. First of all, it's DOWN 5th Avenue. The only way you can go up it is to go against traffic, but I digress. We could have stayed on the bus and gone over to 7th Avenue, but then we would have been on the opposite side of 5th Ave. from our apartment, meaning we could find ourselves in the same situation we did during the gay pride parade. No thanks.

So we got off at 59th street and got on the subway there, no problem. But of course it's another $4.50 we wouldn't have paid had the bus just run normally. I guess the moral is to check MTA before EVERY SINGLE TRIP you make - no matter how often you make it.

A positive - the German family that was on the 6 with us to church was ALSO on our bus when we got out of church (they went to a museum - either the Guggenheim or the Met, we couldn't really tell). I thought that was a funny little coincidence.

Another positive - we went to the gym again today. I'm not feeling 100% but definitely well enough to shoot around. We did the same yesterday, just goofing off but also getting sweaty and working on our shots. Good times. It leaves me exhausted, but that's a good thing.

After watching the DVR'ed SNL from last night (meh, but better than last week's), I decided to turn on my laptop ... the dreaded black screen again. Not sure what's going on, but I'm making the executive decision that I need to toss this one and move on/buy myself a new, lighter purple laptop. (Purple is optional but desirable).

So, fire up the desktop and log on to my AOL mail. I've got about 50 messages from Facebook... Including several from "myself" ... meaning someone hacked my account and started posting advertising messages. Frantic, I change the password and go through a few other accounts (MySpace, Twitter) that have similar passwords to change them too. I hope I'm not forgetting any. But just really gets my blood pressure up and cranks me right out. UGH. And it started posting things on people's accounts that I haven't thought of in a long time. If someone did that to me I would probably de-friend them. So it's possible my already meager friend count will drop. I guess I'm OK with that. I think if I had my druthers I wouldn't really log onto FB all that much anyway.

Now I'm writing this and feel so ... yucky. Just ... I don't know. And add to the fact that work creeps into my mind constantly ... just things to do/things I wish I didn't have to do kind of stuff ... and the stress/excitement of our future makes me even crazier.

A final positive, although from yesterday, we went and saw "Whip It" ... Drew Barrymoore's directorial debut. VERY good. I love Kristen Wiig, like want-to-write-her-fan-letters love her, and the past two movies we've seen have her in them. (She's also a big reason why I watch SNL ... just kidding/just kidding/just kidding/just kidding.) Anyway, I loved Whip It, except for the blatant commercial I thought was subversively added - "You can never have too much eyeliner ... or Lash Blast" was a line in the movie. Lash Blast is Cover Girl's brand name for mascara and is shilled by Drew Barrymoore. I don't doubt that she got paid for that placement, but I still though it was weird. I wonder if there were others like that I missed. Oh, and it also REALLY made me want to move to Austin. Fingers and toes crossed that dreams can come true, but we'll see. I bet it also planted the idea of my friend Holly in my head (Holly of Austin fame), as I dreamed about her last night. Hrm.

Time to start making something to eat and try to talk myself off the ledge of digital fury. At least I checked it tonight and didn't have to be stressed out about it while also working. Right... Maybe some crocheting will help. (And Dexter!)

This is just a brain dump of anxiety. Pray for me, my sanity and my husband!


JollyHolly2000 said...

You had a dream about me?!? Bizarre and kind of cool.
Take care of yourself today.

JollyHolly2000 said...

Mostly cool by the way.

Anonymous said...

I love the one about mom not liking negativity online.

If not online, then where else...

The WWW is the societal dumping ground for all things negative.

For the love!!!

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