Running Commentary

It's Friday - woo hoo! Last Friday in July, which means NEXT Friday I get 1/2 day off. If it's moving day I might take the rest of the day, but that whole thing hasn't been completely sorted out (moving definitely, timing TBD).

Last night went to Michaels on the subway fun pass from Dale & Steve and got the most gorgeous spring green yarn for a new baby blanket pattern. I started last night and it's going so great it's all I can do to keep from picking it up and crocheting on.

Shawn told me today that NYU offers Dell discounts - including on a PLUM PURPLE laptop. Could I do that?! Also, I scheduled my last student loan payment for next payday. Hoarding savings even more ... here we come!

The plan for tonight includes Harry Potter. We'll see how it goes - it's so rainy outside. But I DO need to get out of the apartment at least once/day... For now, making hamburger patties and wishing I had a can of green beans like Gran serves.

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