Blood Drive, Continued

Here's my creepy blood donation bruise - photo a bit fuzzy from the webcam, so you'll have to trust me. It's probably going to get grosser. It also hurts if I move it just so. Once the woman tech saw I was going to bruise she gave me a bruising fact if I'd never had a bruise - but failed to tell me the standard stuff (keep the bandage on for six hours, drink plenty of fluids, etc. etc.). But then maybe I didn't need to drink extra fluids since they put most of my blood back into me.

Work has been absolutely nonstop today, which is fine and makes the time fly, but I've uncovered a major failure on my part. Basically a note I took during my last in-person meeting that I didn't follow up on ... no real explanation why, other than I didn't properly process my notes once I was back here. I'm hoping it can be salvaged, and I'm pretty sure it can, but I feel frustrated when I can't be my 100% best. And I'm SURE that this mistake is not my best. Blurgh.

So now I'm doing some online grocery shopping (bad news being so hungry/late in the day) while monitoring for any last minute incoming e-mails (ideally with a decision to make my delay/mistake a moot point). I need to work on my sideline writing stuff - I've been writing how to articles that I mean to link here individually ... they're available on the links sidebar (recent articles I've written). I've made a couple hundred bucks in a couple months. Nothing earth shattering, but a way to use my spare time and earn Christmas cash or what have you. On some of the articles I'm paid per click, so I should do a better job advertising. They're a mishmash of articles and fact sheets. Anyway.

There are the end-of-work-day thoughts from me.

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