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Memory: A Novel Memory: A Novel by Philippe Grimbert

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A slim novel, Memory is translated from the original French. It was published first in the UK in English as "Secret." It's a novel that reads like a memoir, especially because the subject's first name is never spoken but his family name is the same as the author's. The timing/age of the author based on his jacket photo also make it confusing.

It's a novel about a family secret having to do with The Holocaust and missing family members. Some clunky writing in places, likely due to the translations, but in other places very nice. The plot itself moves quickly and is gripping. I read this book in two settings (would have been one, but hunger and dinner making triumphed).

I really liked it, and it brought back memories of my childhood reading materials, and how in about sixth grade I read everything I could get my hands on related to World War II and the Holocaust. I even had a timeline poster in my room. Probably not an unusual obsession, but still strange.

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