Booking a trip next week to DC. I was just there last week, but hopefully this will be the last trip for a while.

Option A - train directly to Alexandria ... a 4 hour ride (because of the extra wait at Union Station in DC) ... I'm let off just a few blocks from the office, so it's considerably less schlepping time

Option B - train to Washington ... a 3 hour and 20 minute ride ... I could POSSIBLY get to the office a little faster if the Metro were working in my favor, but then I'd have to schlep my bag from Amtrak to Metro, hassle with the card (somewhere between moving here and my first few trips back I lost my Smartrip card ... and I'm pretty sure I OWED money on it, so who knows) and then arrive a few blocks from the office.

Yeah, I think option A is better, although neither is super appealing.

I am staying two nights at my friend/coworker Barbara's. I would go into that more, but I won't.

Here's a picture from Times Square after the 39 Steps play:

I need to ask Dale about posting more pictures online/if she's OK with me linking them here. Not that I have stranger-danger readers (or really many readers period), but you know.

Also, I realized in addition to food there was another pattern in the inlaws' trip ... "Do you see what I've had to put up with?!" Both to me and about me! Makes me smile just thinking of it.

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