White Sand, Aqua Green Water, Azure Sky


OK - Florida probably has the best beaches I've ever been to - which isn't saying much I know, coming from a land-locked state. The sand was so white and soft and cool to the touch. The water was so clear and blue-green. While we were there the sky was so clear and blue - a deep azure that was so calming.

lisa-soapHotel, Motel, Holiday Inn...

This being the start of the "low" season, the beaches weren't too crowded (and the motel rates were cheaper). We stayed at the Club Monaco Motel, which was a nice beachy motel. They had Lisa soap, which was really funny (I already sent this picture to my cousin Lisa). The room was clean, but small. We spent most of our time outside or at the wedding anyway, so it served its purpose!

Sunblock & burn

Yeah, I am TERRIBLE at applying sunscreen. I mean, I start the day with it, and even sometimes I'll reload. But inevitably I miss spots. I've tried creams and sprays - either way I end up with funky striped burns. Painful. This time my ankles got spotted and I had a weird finger mark along my back (even though I did have Shawn help me out with that!). I know it will heal, but that doesn't make me happier.

wedded-toesThe time we spent on the beach was great otherwise - we swam, collected shells and I took a few pictures (although not as many as I should have!). I love the picture of our feet together (how great is my purple nail polish? Sally Hansen Quick Dry in Pronto Purple), and I also made a sand heart with our initials (the sand was so white it was ridiculous - I was really wishing Owen Max could have been there with us!).

sand-heartWedding Bells

The wedding, i.e. the main event, was incredible - Kim looked amazing and she and Tom are so happy. The ceremony was short and sweet, and the reception was a lot of fun. I got to catch up with the CNS/UMD group, and meet two new additions: Amin and Haydin. SO CUTE. It's also great to see Shawn interact with kids. He really is going to be a great dad.

During the reception we went outside - there was a view of the intercoastal waters and it was so peaceful with all the stars and the clear sky. We just meant to step out and then go back in for the cake cutting, but we got wrapped up in a NYC-based conversation with someone who had lived there before. WE MISSED THE CAKE CUTTING! Basically they didn't make an announcement that made it outside, so we didn't know (we were facing the water instead of the windows into the reception hall). My friend Maya (Happy Birthday today!) showed me the cutting on her camera in video form, but I was just so distraught that I basically got up and ran away from our conversation with the guy who had lived in NYC. So on top of feeling crummy about that (I mean do I have to be so rude?), we missed the cutting! One of the best parts. Oh well.

love-shawnThe travel to/from was easy, although each flight was delayed by about an hour. We did have a great time having a rental car - and we found another perk of marriage. Although the car was rented in my name Shawn could drive it free/was covered by the policy b/c he's my husband! Very cool.

Of course it's non-stop raining here in NYC, but I'll enjoy it while I can - nursing my burned skin. But I definitely want to plan another trip to Florida's beaches...and maybe get myself in some of my photos (although I guess my toes count, right?)...

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