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Her Last Death Her Last Death by Susanna Sonnenberg

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Another fast, entertaining read, although I did take issue with some of it. It's a memoir of this woman's life with her mother, who raised her and her sister.

In the first part of the book I felt sympathy for the daughter/writer. But as the book continued it seemed to evolve into just a blame game, wherein her mother's shortcomings caused the writer's life problems, particularly in her love life. That's not to say the mother was blameless, but it didn't seem like the writer cut her much slack, especially since she's made it through all of that and now has a happy family - husband, two kids, etc.

My heart ached for the mother, who is still alive and would read this book, not to mention the writer's kids, who will someday read about their mother's sexual escapades, which the writer suggests she did because of the influence of her mother.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this, BUT it did remind me how great my childhood was and how lucky I am to have (and have had) the stability of family around me, regardless of how wacky we were/are.

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