Epershand, at 28.5

A few weeks ago, I purchased this epershand necklace from Etsy seller Isette. I saw it on MightyGoods and fell in love with the curvy curl (reminiscent of my wedding stationery designs), plus MG said "for the copy editor in your life." WELL, I'm the only CE in my life (although that's only a small part of my life) ... I decided to get it.

I have worn it somewhat a lot (at least for me). Wore it to both weddings I went to in May. I figured my journalism friends would like it, but no one said anything about it. Then at the second wedding I got tons of compliments. Huh. Makes me happy to see it on my neck though, so that's what matters I'd say!

I'll be honest that I didn't know what an epershand was before this necklace. Epershand is what the Scots call an ampersand, or "and sign." Anyway, I really like this necklace, even though it looks sort of like an "E" ... I guess in another lifetime that would have been ideal (see: eels, music).

Today's my half birthday. I know that I'm nuts to mark it/think about it, but what are you going to do? Other highlights in my history - I've been out of high school for ten years. Yowza. About 10 years ago we were loading into white vans to head to Houston for our senior trip. Insane that it's been so long. Time flies, whether you're having fun or not (and for the most part I am).

Speaking of, Shawn and I are closing in on wedding anniversary numero uno. How about that? Luckiest girl alive, I know.

And speaking of Shawn and fun, we had a great time this weekend. Saturday was an NYC street fair and finding "Surprise, Surprise," a store with loads of good stuff - kitcheny, bathroomy, anything-related-to-housewares-y. We got a storage ottoman and a beach umbrella, jar opener, plus bathtub decals we've been looking for EVERYWHERE, including online. Good times!

We put the beach umbrella (provides SPF 50 in its shade!) to good use on Monday, when we took the subway to Rockaway Beach. How crazy is it that $2 gets us to the Atlantic Ocean? Score another for NYC I guess. The ride back is always a pain, just from being tired and sun soaked, but definitely worth it. The water was way too cold for swimming, but the waves and the sand and the sun were great. We also walked more than three miles, which is a lot for my poor dogs. I need to get moving like that daily! And bonus - we didn't get sunburned at all!!!

The beach has this great playground on the sand. Can't wait for Owen to come visit so we can play!!!

A picture of the waves, which doesn't show how crash-y they were. Plus who knows who the crazies in the water are. There were some lunatic teenage boys near us. They actually got into a near-fight with a woman sunbathing, calling her fat, etc. because she asked them to stop swearing and throwing sand


Anonymous said...

I thought that said: "Online Jar opener" ...

I was thinking:


Unknown said...

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Mari said...

Oiy vey - I can get spam comments (yeay for keywords) and correcting a sentence (which was crazily worded).

Fixed! Thanks, FTL :)

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