Jackie's Twins' Blankies May 2009

Duhn, duhn, duhn.

The project that would not end ENDED! I used WAY too small of thread/yarn, so each blanket has more than 200 shells (each shell is 3-sc and 3-DC). That's a lotta stitches, especially when you DOUBLE it for the second blankie. So this is quite a relief that I have it finished.

Unfortunately I'm not going to make it to Jackie's baby shower - I can't justify the $$ to come down for a single day, but I am sending them to the shower hostess in an effort to build up the gift pile for the mom-to-be.

Another, more abbreviated, crochet project is drying/being blocked ... so hopefully that will be post-able tomorrow. If not, I'll do it after we get back from Virginia Beach and Chris & Jennie's wedding!!!

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