What I Don't Know and How I Will Learn It

The "Zen-like" question from Tuesday's debate has stuck to me... Not that I necessarily think it's a good question to ask the candidates (I'm more along the lines of "what will you do to impact the health of Americans - to ensure we'll have new treatments and cures to diseases?"), but it is a question I would like to ask myself. I consider myself a student of everything - I love to read and learn. But do I ACTIVELY try to learn? Or just passively let information come to me for absorption and osmosis? I think it's more of the latter.

Here are some bullets of things I don't know and how I will learn them:
  • Economics - I have a minor in econ from OSU, but I would/should go more in depth - especially since we're in what's threatening to be the "Greater Depression" - specifically I'm interested in the economics of women/wife-dom... Just something I'm thinking about, perhaps pursuing a structured plan of study or a self-edifying project of seeking books and resources to create a non-publishable paper.
  • Complicated crochet patterns - oh how I love crochet and want to get better, and I am tackling this with my bedspread project. Follow-through is the hardest, as I'm done with block 3 of at least 20... Persistence is something I am learning with this project.
  • How to be a parent - this is something I probably won't get to for at least another year, but how I'll learn it is through imitation of role models, reading and practice-practice-practice.
This is a pretty pathetic little list. I'm sure there will be more, but these were top-of-mind to start.

What don't you know, and how will you learn it?


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Well said.

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