STILL bugs - they didn't do a thorough job, and we had to get rid of our second mattress too - which they left IN the treated room without treating ... meaning, we still have bed bugs, and the fact that we can SEE them means there are HORDES of them hiding.

I can't believe this. I don't know how I'm going to sleep. We have the air mattress blown up, but they will DEFINITELY be able to get to me - they're attracted to the carbon dioxide that I breathe.

I HATE our super - he lied to us saying that the bed/mattress had been disposed of, then we get in the apartment and have to haul it down ourselves (which is a violation ... and just spreading the bugs).

I HATE this company - AKA Bug Control or something. They haven't done their job -- half of the room was obviously not sprayed, the picture rail wasn't sprayed (and that seems to be where they're coming from now) and the baseboards weren't completely sprayed either. They also didn't get all the electrical outlets and none of them were removed as they were supposed to be. I can't believe how horrible I feel and that on top of everything else we have to fight for fair treatment.

I guess I'm bait tonight - but I wish we could just leave here and never come back. I hate New York and I hate the people we interact with here.


Possessions I've Lost So Far
  • Queen mattress & box spring
  • Full size mattress & box spring
  • Queen size feather mattress topper
  • Queen size down comforter
  • Lamp
  • Broom
  • Vacuum
  • Three Ikea rugs
  • Several pillows
Will update...

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