life in the city

yesterday my internet crapped out - it was an outage or something. so i had to go back to the 'bucks to get some "free" wifi. the homeless were out in droves and i almost got a full cup of ... something spilled on my feet/computer bag. luckily my quick thinking saved me from that BUT i still had to deal with the loud, obnoxious commentary from the table of crazies while i worked.

i was telling my coworkers about how i can never hear my neighbors in our apartment. this is true BUT i forgot about the street noise. i live in a concrete box, so i don't hear the people above me or on either side - there really is no noise transfer except a little through the pipes in the bathroom - and that is usually just a radio or something. but because of the lack of temperature control with our stupid radiator, we keep the windows open a lot - even when it's chilly. and the street noise - well ... that out does any noise that would come from above us or side neighbors. the trash trucks, the car alarms, the dumpsters or whatever that people drag on the bumpy sidewalk and once a CRANE!

living in the city ... it's something else.


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