should i give up?

or should i just keep chasin' pavements?

that song makes no sense - well the lyrics don't. as a song it makes sense as it STICKS IN MY HEAD. huzzah.

the good:
  • all clothes are washed and bagged, save for a few i'm going to wear the next few days.
  • we've got temporary quarters, courtesy of university visiting faculty housing (apparently we're staying where guest lecturers stay) - we can stay until noon on Thursday
  • exterminators are coming on Thursday between 10 and 1 - so i can't go back to the apartment until 5 at the earliest... meaning an interesting day for work - probably going to look into the NYC public library ... blugh. at least i can leave my luggage with my doorman OR at Shawn's work - depending on how i feel.
the bad:
  • slept on shawn's bed last night and STILL got new bites, especially on my feet
  • got my bed moved out (which is a good, but so so so sad)
  • there's no ROOM to move here - with all the stuff piled up in the middle of the room - and supposed to keep everything, including furniture, THREE FEET from the walls. with our tiny tiny studio apartment that is nearly impossible.
  • i've worked all day - on real work stuff and the laundry (NINE HOURS PEOPLE) - and i'm so exhausted.
  • i didn't sleep well last night - shawn's bed is smaller, not to mention KNOWING bugs are going to be feasting on your flesh. ICK. i hope we can get some sleep tonight.
  • all of my stuff is in bags - and it's piled up and who knows how much i'll break or what will get contaminated.
i pray that the exterminators are successful and that the bugs are no more. i don't think i can bear it. if i continue to break out ...

can't wait to get out of this city, because really, where else but New York would this happen to me?


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