Lack of Cooking

In usual Novembers, and NaBloPoMos past, the day before Thanksgiving has been another free space for me because I can catalog what I've been cooking. Today all I made were deviled eggs. I have some cooking to do tomorrow and actually a couple easy things to make tonight because I forgot. (Cranberry salad and pineapple cream cheese ball.)

Instead of cooking the full meal for the five of us (my mom is visiting), we decided to accept an invitation to a friend's apartment. I hope it goes OK, and I'm not sure my mom totally wants to go. But the allure of not having to do the entire meal (turkey included) was too much to pass up. And we had Thanksgiving with this friend last year and it was pleasant. I've gotten to know her better this year too. I just hope the worlds colliding (of family and chosen family) goes OK.

My face at "Defy" - LOL, jk
We went to "Defy," which used to be "Area 51," which used to be something else. It's a trampoline park. The girls had a great time -- I knew we couldn't just stay home all day. They also got to go to the park, and I got some time at home and tidied (cleaned filthy bathrooms and vacuumed) plus got a huge chunk of my website together. All still drafts, but I have posts with my magazine content and blog posts ready. I just need to fool with the layout and colors I guess.

I may re-do this site's template too. There's a way to have a Featured Post in the layout at the top with some of the choices. There are only a few choices on Blogger -- so if I'm planning to stay with it (might as well?) -- I can pick one that's got that on the top built in so I can have my How to Buy a Crochet Hat post at the top -- so when people get my card at a maker faire or otherwise are looking for me because of crochet that will be easy to find.

News you can use: the entire Frozen 2 soundtrack seems to be available on Amazon Music for free. Exciting. I adore Unknown.

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