Being in Charge

I like the giant drinks
(That's diet coke, not margarita!)
My girls are growing up. Their stories are less MY stories to tell, so it's fits and starts when I sit down to write or think of ideas. I'm a bit out of practice. I share too much on Facebook, but always running commentary "here's what we are doing" kind of thing. Nothing intense.

My husband is out of town on the second of four trips (actually three because the last two got merged because it didn't make sense to fly home from the East Coast to be home for less than a day before flying back the same way ... plus they have Amtrak!). He hadn't been traveling as much since the summer, so I was spoiled in a way of having ongoing two-parent lifestyle. His job is flexible that he can be relied upon when things come up -- a sick kid but I can still get my scheduled doctor's and hair appointments done. I even took a trip for a church conference (his parents came to stay with the girls and help with carpool and all the sundry activities).

We always eat at Fuzzy's Taco when he's out of town because he doesn't like it and the girls and I do. It's become kind of "a thing" (also because of Facebook and me posting about it!), but I'm also kind of over it. The girls are not, but it's expensive for the small quesadilla they each get, although the carrots and queso are good too. We will persist I suppose.

Otherwise we're mainly white-knuckling it to get through day-by-day. I try to provide grace and smooth things along as best I can. It doesn't always work, and I yell more than I should when I'm on my own. I wish I weren't a yeller, as it is totally ineffective and just a stupid way to behave. I'm really seeing too much of my negative behaviors show up in Jane too, but perhaps that's another post. (Again more her story than mine, though, and where do I draw the line.)

This isn't a very useful post, but perhaps with some practice I can get back into the momentum of writing for this, for myself. I really need to get in bed. Even if there is an "extra" hour tonight I am zapped! We were at the zoo for four hours today, and I didn't wear enough sunscreen. Boo. And I've been eating too much Halloween candy so I don't exactly feel great either (had been carefully monitoring my calorie intake for reasons, so not much sugar and the onslaught is like woah in a bad way). Double boo.

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