Advent Planning

Every year after Christmas I wrap children's Christmas books in tissue paper, and my girls can open one each night of Advent. (I wrap one for each of them, for a total of 48 books wrapped). We also have been doing separate calendars too. Trader Joe's sells chocolate ones for $.99, so that's a win-win. Last year Jane had a LEGO Friends calendar, and Livia got a Paw Patrol one. Both were good.

This year I thought I'd just do books and chocolate, because when I asked Jane that's what she said she wanted. (She just wants candy, frankly.) But then I was in Ollie's shopping and there were two Frozen Advent calendars. They're big castles and look pretty neat and sturdy, so reusable. But what I wasn't sure of was whether there were any Frozen contents or gifts inside. I bought them anyway, but some internet sleuthing made me realize they are empty.

SO - do I return them ($12.99 each)? I could surely find 24 times two little do-dads to go inside the cubbies, although not all Frozen (maybe no Frozen actually). We went shopping today and I found some things -- some washi tape in a pack and a multi-pack of tiny nail polish. I also have some chapsticks that I bought for their stockings, and there are surely other little things that I've squirreled away. And I can always make some days super great (maybe just the weekends?) with actual candy. The Trader Joe's candies are fine, but small and just plain. (We're still eating Halloween candy though, so ...)

The Frozen calendars are also big, so they'll be hard-ish to store. I had a poke around in Shawn's shop when I was looking for a specific Christmas book (it's definitely one of the ones we have wrapped up), and he has some shelf space still available. LOL.

I'll probably go for it, and I guess I don't have to have all of the cubbies filled on December 1, since I can add to them as we go. Scrunchies for Jane are another idea. Maybe little blind bag things from the dollar store, or stickers I have saved in my Christmas stuff once we get it out.

Hard to transition from turkey to nativity, but here we go...

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