Stuffing a Toddler Stocking

I'm not sure if Jane is still a toddler at three, so maybe stuffing a preschooler stocking would be more accurate. I just wanted to list some of the things I have ready for her stocking this week (part of the ~30 pounds of gifts we brought on our trip that we'll have to bring back).
  • Imagine Ink mess free marker book ... OK, technically there isn't one of these in her stocking. But I did give her one for the trip (and she's used a couple others on our long road trips of late). These are a little expensive (about $6), but I've found them for $3 in the Target "dollar" spot. Amazon might be the place to go. Jane doesn't do the games yet, but she likes to see the color appear as she marks up every single page. It really keeps her still and focused for chunks of time. Might be a good church book. If only I could find more Imagine Ink books to use up all the markets we have now...
  • Color books and new crayons -- actually the books won't fit in her stocking, so she's getting a separate (Olaf) tote bag full of books that will include the color books. I bought the crayons on clearance during the year, and the color books were 50% off clearance ones I know she'll like.
  • Books from the Scholastic sale at her school. These will go in the Olaf bag too. I just kept buying more and it seemed like a good idea to hold them for a Christmas surprise!
  • Playdough -- a last minute addition when Jane asked for some. I got a pink and a white. She can play with them (and leave them) at Grandma Dale's!
  • Assorted mini toys from kids' meals. Despite my best efforts to feed Jane whole foods we have eaten a Sonic grilled cheese from time to time. I've saved the little toys from that (just to avoid/delay the requests for more Sonic trips because really a grilled cheese is a grilled cheese), so I'm giving them to her in her stocking.
  • Socks. She got new ones for her birthday but they are already starting to pinch her little ankles. I got these on Black Friday.
  • Teddy Bear. Jane randomly asked for a teddy bear, and then she kept repeating it whenever anyone asked what she wanted for Christmas. We have too many stuffed animals, so I just pulled out a teddy bear I'd bought her in Germany that had been hanging out in the "land of disappearing" (the guest room closet). 
  • Stickers and hair clips -- gifts from Gingie. There were some other stocking-stuffer gifts from Gingie too, but those are the two that I managed to bring with us.
I think there are a couple other things in there too, but even though I just packed them up yesterday I can't remember. I'll find out on Thursday with her! Next I need to catalog what I bought myself for my stocking, although I didn't cart any of it with us so will just let myself have it all when we get home.

Happy Christmas to you.

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