TIBTI(Do Not)L: Clear Shampoo

So my TIBTIL (things i bought that i love) series has been a smashing success ... uh. Perhaps it's because I'm not buying anything? HA!

It's more like nothing I buy is worth writing about and/or I'm not thinking "blog post" while shopping. ANYWAY.

I do have something to add to the list of Things that I Bought that I DON'T Love: Clear Shampoo.

It's this new shampoo and conditioner line that's got Heidi Klum as the spokesperson. I actually bought the shampoo samples at Target before I saw the ads (I don't dislike HK, but I would have realized how hokey it was with the celebrity "endorsement").

Basically the shampoo and conditioner are exactly the same as Pantene (i.e. cheap and weird smelling), except with the added bonus of chemical colorant to make the actual shampoo and conditioner a nice lavender shade.

Normally purple is my jam, but for this ... not so much. (At least not until I go fully grey ... and I don't think these products' color is designed to make grey shine.)

And I also found this hilarious little story about the Clear products.

I will not be purchasing the full size.

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