By the Numbers

I'm not a super coupon person. I'm definitely drawn to clearance sales and getting a bargain, but I'm not on the level of a TLC couponer show.

But this week I've scored some pretty good deals, some thanks to my blog reading.

For example, tonight we're having Papa John's pizza. Using the code "party50" and ordering online I got 50% off. I was able to get an order of cheese sticks with our pizza for less than the "Monday Mania" price for the pizza alone (which is already a good deal). Plus no delivery charge or tip because Shawn will pick it up! The code is supposed to be good through July 4. (source)

I do use Winn Dixie Rewards to earn gas points. And I am drawn to the little "earn 5 cents extra per gallon" stickers -- throughout the store and in their ads. Because I only need to fill up once a month (staying home most every day will do that for you) I can earn close to $2 off per gallon. Last week I filled up and paid $1.22 per gallon!

Another thing I have with Winn Dixie is the Baby Club. I get extra cents off per gallon of gas for buying baby products (although they don't carry much I need ...  and regular food that I'm going to turn into baby food doesn't count -- ha!). They also send coupons about every six weeks. Some of them are really good -- like $2 off fresh beef or other things I buy anyway. They also give $3 off wipes and $3 off diapers. I normally buy my diapers at Target and my wipes online, BUT I stacked the coupons this time with some that had printed out at the register -- getting $5 off diapers and $4 off wipes, both of which were already on sale. I think I got the mega pack of diapers for around $7.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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