Baby Clothes

Was at library story time yesterday with Jane. As most people know, I like to eavesdrop. And the story time is a great place to do it, since I can pretend to be futzing with Jane while really listening to every detail people are saying.

(Truth: I'm sure people know I'm listening ... I'm not that slick.)

Jane, in garage sale shorts (and chair);
gifted onesie and hairbow
Anyway, I listened to these two moms complaining about their kids' clothes and how babysitters, dads and daycare don't take care of them. They each had examples of their kids (a set of twin toddlers in smocked matching dress up outfits and a toddler girl in a dress with matching hairbow) getting really messy at the hands of someone else.

They were complaining about the cost of clothes and how it never fails that the first time they wear something it gets ruined with a stain.

Then one of the moms said she will send her daughter to daycare with a cheap $12 Target sweater over her clothes in winter, because she doesn't mind those getting ruined.

Is it just me, or does $12 for a baby sweater seem NOT cheap?

I'm happy with Jane to have hand-me-downs and garage sale finds and clearance rack goods. She only wears them for a short while, and the less I get attached to them the better. I've already got boxes of little onesies and such that I'm never going to want to let go (my idea: make a quilt out of them and/or frame some for wall hangings).

So basically I'm in a different class than those mothers at the story time. But I don't think it's a higher class by any estimation ... seeing as how I'm writing a post mocking them and their sartorial choices.


Sydney said...

Great word choice: sartorial. I had to look it up.

Anonymous said...

FOR THE Love...

Sydney said...

I was at Walmart in TX on my way home from LaRae's bday party and found an 18 month pink sweater on clearance for $2. Take that Target! :)

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