White House Greetings

Jane got a special card yesterday -- from the White House. I know it's just a mass message that they send, and somewhere an intern's job is to hand address responses to these requests and slip in the printed cards. It's still cool, and I think I will frame the card. The envelope (which I almost posted a picture of until I realized that it includes her full name and address ... d'oh) is a little grungy. Thanks USPS. :)

Want to get your own card from the White House greetings office? These are the instructions I followed (I did the snail mail route):

Once your baby is born, mail your request to:

    White House Greetings Office

    Room 39

    Washington, DC 20500

Alternatively, you can fax your request to 202-456-2461.  Include the following information in your request:

    * Name and address of the baby
    * Exact date of birth
    * Your (requestor) name and daytime phone number
    * Both parents' names
    * Any additional mailing instructions (if other than baby’s residence)

They'll send greetings for other things too. And I think it's v. weird that there's no online form option. Because who uses a fax machine these days?

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Rachael Neilan said...

Thank you for this blog! Not only did I enjoy the adorable picture of Jane, but the blog reminded me to send my request to the White House for David's welcome letter.

I was stumped on whether I should snail mail it or fax it - but who has a fax machine?? I googled ways to send a fax online and it turns out that you can send free fax messages at GotFreeFax.com. The website even sends you an email to confirm that your fax was received. I just used this service to fax my letter to the White House. Pretty handy. But really - the White House needs an easy website for this service and do away with the faxing. I am lucky I am old enough to remember what a fax machine does. I am sure kids today would be stumped!

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