Recipe Review: No-Hurry Vegetable Curry

I made another Woman's Day recipe, this time a no-hurry vegetable curry. (Basically I'm making every single crock pot recipe I can find that sounds good. I'm in trouble because I just found A Year of Slow Cooking and have a window with about 15 tabs open with recipes to try.)

For the curry I couldn't find butternut squash (I looked at two stores so it must not be in season), but otherwise I pretty much followed the recipe. EXCEPT I think I let it cook longer than it needed. That made it a little thicker than I think curry is probably supposed to be, and I probably should have used more curry paste. It had a very mild flavor. It was pleasant, and we ate it happily, especially thinking it's pretty healthy for us -- lots of veggies and some light coconut milk and spice basically. We ate it with basmati rice.

I'm not sure that I'll make it again. It was OK and relatively easy, but it wasn't great. I think I need to start using my slow cooker liners though and see if that can make clean up a little easier. The sweet potato soup I made overflowed a bit into the base of the pot -- I was able to clean it up OK, but the liner would have prevented that/the overflow would have just gone on the counter, which is much easier to clean.

Not sure what I will make next, but maybe I'll start thinking about taking pictures. I just hate to use my big camera on anything other than Jane photos, and I still can't get my small one to connect to my computer.

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