Geaux Tigers and Go Pokes! Both teams remain undefeated this season. I flipped back and forth last night watching their games -- both on at 7 p.m. central on national television. The streets were full of screams and fireworks after the Tigers won -- it was reminiscent of election day 2008 in NYC when Obama won. NYU students don't get excited about sports -- they get excited about politics. Anyway.

We watched the games on mute on our tiny TV. I'm not a big fan of the commentation, although our TV is so small it's not always easy to see how much time is left -- and when there's a penalty ... forget about it! Maybe someday we'll have a bigger TV. What worked in our studio apartment isn't as conducive to watching in a bigger living room. But it gets the job done and I enjoy many an hour of TV each week on it..

No writing prompts over the weekend -- it's for "free writing." One of the prompts I didn't use this week was this: When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

The answer depends on what I'm writing. For note taking purposes, I'm a handwriter all the way. I can write much faster than type, at least in shorthand. But composing things like blog posts and emails, obviously typing is better. I like to hand write my letters and cards though.

Hair update: looks the same straight as it did before the haircut. It looks so long when straightened. At least no troubles with pony tails in the near future.

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