31: Made to Order

Hey, hey. It's my birthday.

And it's like I special ordered this day. I woke up with a house full of family -- Beth finishing cleaning and doing laundry, Owen being his sweet funny self, Mama cuddling a baby Jane, and Shawn filling in everything else.

It's been rainy and overcast -- my perfect weather. (If I had my way, it would do this every day ...) Right now it's really pouring and I'm sitting in the sunroom listening to the first Christmas music of the season (Jane's first Christmas music EVER).

We're spending the day at home together. Thinking about going out to dinner, but the thought seems overwhelming, especially since we didn't get an infant carrier/we'd have nowhere to put Jane down. So maybe takeout instead.

This time last year my arms were aching -- aching for Jane. But patience -- even imperfect patience -- paid off. And how blessed we are.

I can honestly say, despite the exhaustion and steep learning curve of caring for this sweet baby girl, that I have never had a happier birthday...

This is 31 -- with my two favorite little people: Owen and Jane!


Anonymous said...


(and happy birthday!!!)

I must immediately remark about the part where you wrote:

"It's been rainy and overcast - my perfect weather. (If I had my way, it would do this every day... )

How long ago did I suggest that you should move west of the Missouri river?

I dunno if you need the extremes of, say, Forks, but I know where you should make your next higher education-related career move. (it's tough to top for raising kids, too)

Nowthen, I recalled your birthday (as of) 9 days ago, when I found myself immersed in the sending of (and this is amusing, of course) ... an e-card.

Alas I forgot about it until fate drew me here right now.

which, finally brings me to my original cause for having landed here:

One of my OD faves wrote an entry and perhaps less than 3 paragraphs in she pointed out that she had mentioned three different Jacks already, in the same entry...

So I had to tell her about you...

Anyway, Happy Birthday... (from somebody who is not, yet, technically late...)

I'm glad your peeps are all in the area.

Oh, and per the e-card, "women are most appealing at age 31" (so said a recent study).


Anonymous said...


16 minutes into COPS and there was somebody from BATON ROUGE !!!!

Did the guy have a "baby mamma" named Jessica ???

Anonymous said...

... the context of which means nothing, until you read my other notes.

CG said...

AUGH! I hate that I missed your birthday, but I don't see how my greetings could in any way perfect a day which was already ... perfect. I'm so happy for you :) So happy birthday, just a teeny bit late.

Anonymous said...

Fox Football Announcer just said:

""People in Seattle love waking up and seeing a rainy day""

(it's time for kick-off, and that is when we know to turn the game off)

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