Love Story

Daddy plays a tune
Warning: This is a little sappy and hormone-fueled. But it's also true.

Want to find out what your heart is made of?

Have a baby with the one you love most -- and who loves you most too.

Seeing Shawn with Jane has melted my heart and given me even more reasons to sing.

I really couldn't imagine loving him more, but seeing him holding our girl ... it unveils new depths.

Jane didn't pick her parents, but we picked each other. And I think we did a marvelous job.

We have a lot to learn, but it's exciting times b/c we will do it together!


Sydney said...

Not sappy at all. Just lovely, like Jane and her parents.

Anonymous said...

I'm perfectly capable of being ever the critic, but this did not threaten the bounds of anything 'too sappy'.

It was very fair.


(of course when you're talking about yourself - it is always gonna sound strange, as you see it)

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