Rubber Stamping

My love of all things stationery has manifested itself in moving announcements this week. I took that house sketch, made the door red (like it actually is) with layers in Gimp and added some red text on the grass with our new address. (Only thing I would change about the "design" is to not center the text ... I don't like centered text, but for some reason I put it on this -- BOTHER.)

I used the same fonts as on our wedding materials. I ordered the flat cards from VistaPrint, which came with white envelopes. I worried I ordered too many (60), but actually that has turned out to be the exact right number. VP tossed in 30 extra flat cards so I could even send some extras if I wanted/found more addresses of people who might like to be pen pals.

For the return address I re-purchased the rubber stamp I had when we lived in 8G in NYC: Paperwink's Flapper stamp. I like our NYC one as a souvenir of our time there. So in preparing the moving announcements to be sent it was so satisfying to ink up my new stamp and press the design onto each envelope (after I sealed them with a wet washcloth instead of licking -- can't help but think of Susan from Seinfeld when I do a big mail batch like this).

I think the ink-stamp-dry process was bringing out my latent librarian genes. Do librarians these days even need to use rubber stamps anymore, now that everything is digitized? Whatever the case, it was a lot of fun and I'm glad to have added to my stationery arsenal.

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Sydney said...

I can't wait to get mine. And I think we do still use rubber stamps. I know we use them to ID the magazines and newspapers "Property of Lawton Public Library." We probably use them in the books too. I'll have to check that out. A back up job for you that you'd love!

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