525,600 Minutes

How do you measure, measure a year?

It has been one year since we rolled out of NYC to start our new life. In that time many things have changed, and we've both settled into our jobs (Shawn more than me). Now we are homeowners.

We've spent the weekend shopping, unpacking and cleaning. Shawn climbed on the roofs of the out buildings to clear off some leaves and trim some trees. I cleaned kitchen cabinets, put contact paper in as many of them as I could stand, and unloaded our dishes and dry goods. We're exhausted, but making real progress.

This week we'll get a furniture delivery and have a place to eat! We'll also get a new bed so that we have extra sleeping capacity. A coworker was getting rid of a twin bed that his son had grown out of, so we have that too. With the new bed we'll be able to comfortably sleep three extra, and with the air mattress two more than that. Eventually we'll get a couch that will provide a sleep solution should we be overrun with multiple family members and/or friends all at once. I'm thinking Mardi Gras time!

During the shopping excursion yesterday I found something I had lost. Something I lost one year ago, and which bugged me so much. I had thought it had fallen and been left in the U-Haul. I'd thought about calling to see if they had lost and found. I'd googled replacements and thought about how I might make my own. I put my hand into the umbrella pocket of my Franco Sarto purse yesterday to grab my phone and lo and behold -- the missing key chain was there! It never held our Southgate keys (reminder I need to write a review of that place ... good grief), but skipped from NYC apartment to BR house. I'm really excited to have it back and smile every time I look at my keys and see the sweet face of a certain baby Owen.

What's the longest you've gone between losing something and finding it?


Soobie said...

I'll come out for Mardi Gras! And babysit while you guys go out!!

Sydney said...

The purse I bought For Chris A's 12th birthday. I still haven't found it.

Susan, I'll meet you in BR for MG.

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