Patience, My Dear

I would post some video and photos BUT the USB cable is packed somewhere in the back of the truck ... so words or nothing for now. Although maybe I could get some of Dale's photos on here before then. We'll see if I put forth the effort. We also have looked through some childhood photos of Shawn and she is going to scan a handful for me. He was and is the cutest!

Waiting, waiting, waiting. One of my least favorite things to do. Waiting on a phone call and everything's going to be OK ... once I get the call, I can button up everything and be fully employed once again.

I am a nervous wreck, of course, and probably will remain so until I'm firmly settled into the new position. I do not plan to write about it publicly, but I will update my LinkedIn account and send an email to my "so called life" list with details and my updated address. If you'd like to be added to the list and/or be my pen pal let me know.

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