Living Among the Students

Around midnight early Saturday morning, *ding dong* goes our doorbell. (Why do apartments need doorbells? I digress.) Shawn was asleep and I was trying to sleep so I didn't answer, thinking it was a rowdy kid -- or a mistake. In the morning the rowdy kid theory was confirmed when I was greeted by  an offering of McDonald's French fries thrown against our door -- assault by fast food?

So maybe living among students ISN'T going to be so peachy.

When you see them in the hallways they mostly say hello and nod and act like actual human beings. But apparently on the weekend nights they lose all sense of decorum and scream off the balconies and run the halls ringing random doorbells. (At least I hope we weren't targeted as old fuddy duddies and that it was random!)

This is the first weekend since school started, so maybe part of the issue. But the beauty of the apartment, its location relative to work and the swank amenities still outweigh any unpleasantness brought about by our neighbors. At least so far!

Give me crazy kids over bedbugs any day.


Sydney said...

Who are these kids that can afford to live in your apartment building?

Mari said...

Their parents are rich -- oil barons and such. Basically the over-privileged spoiled ones.

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