Break it Down

LOVING this Gen X station that exists in BR. And also really glad I went out late to the grocery store (a certain someone needs milk for his cereal!). I heard Oasis' Wonderwall and then MC Hammer's Hammertime. I never thought of myself as Gen X (I thought I was on the cusp/too young), but obviously I like/know Gen X music!

I look younger than I am I guess. The movers asked if Shawn and I were students. And in the elevator leaving "headquarters" on Monday night a codger complimented me on my suit, said he wished they'd enforce the dress code more (he was in a sloppy almost-jeans outfit) and then asked if I was a student! I guess I could be a student. Hard to imagine doing that again though. We'll see.

Work is slowly gelling in my mind. I was super ... uneasy, I guess, about it on Sunday. The trip and then getting some actual work to do makes it feel a little more real and less traumatic. But there will certainly still be some rough patches in my future. I just hope to keep my head above water and make it to the time when I feel comfortable and confident in my outputs. Still a lot to learn.

Tomorrow I have to go in early (~7:30) so I need to start the countdown. Shawn is right -- sleep is easier and better in a room without a TV -- as much as I hate to admit it (because you know I love my TV!). Now if only I could cut down on my Internet time!

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