Photo Montage: Walkers in the City

We had a marvelous time, outlined below!
  • Arrival on Thursday was without incident, and after a brief rest (and the end of my workday), we went to dinner in the East Village. Margarita! We also took a peak at Washington Square Park and the nearby Edgar Allan Poe residence, which has been turned into the NYU Law School (or one of its buildings at least). We were kind of miffed that the museum (what it was) is only open Thursdays from 9 am-11 am. Weird!
  • Friday was kind of a dud. We first tried to go to the Museum of TV and Radio, which is now the Paley Media Center (or something like that) and no longer has exhibits (if it ever did). We decided not to pay the entrance fee to look at separate TV monitors and went to lunch at a place with bull riding, although the bull was silent during the day. There was tennis on a huge screen TV and it was quiet with good food. Then we went uptown to the New York Historical Society, which of course was also closed for renovations. They had a traveling exhibit of the Grateful Dead, but we didn't pay to see that either. We did make some purchases at the gift shop (Titanic coloring book?!) We walked in Central Park, saw Strawberry Fields and the Dakota then headed home to rest before our night out.
  • Around 6 we went to the Staten Island ferry and met my church young adult group. After brief ride on the ferry -- nothing better than Lady Liberty, a light chop and evening light -- we were at the Staten Island Yankees ball park. We had seats behind home plate (which looked directly to the skyline of Manhattan), had all-you-can-eat wrist bands (so we gorged on hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, popcorn, soda and water) and got free baseball caps ... for $18 each! What a deal. There was also a fireworks show afterward and lots of entertainment between innings for the kiddos. It was really a lot of fun and the weather was perfect. The ride back featured a full moon and sparkly lights of downtown. The train was arriving just as we got downstairs and we whisked home. 
  • Saturday we got a slow start, ate some real NYC bagels at home and then quiche and salad for lunch. Then it was time to see "Hair" on Broadway. Ace Young, of American Idol "fame," is one of the actors. To be honest I'd forgotten until I read the playbill and have never a full AI episode (although I do love Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson), but I digress. The other lead actor was much better. Steve really enjoyed the show, and it was good. I think Shawn and I couldn't appreciate it as much because we never experienced the '60s. There really wasn't a true story or plot, and at times the instruments were much louder than the actors' voices ... which made understanding the songs even harder. 
  • After the show we took an express train down to South Street Seaport, where we relaxed with views of the Brooklyn Bridge and ate dinner. It was happy hour, but we couldn't get the discounted drinks at the table -- only if we went up to the bar. So, we didn't drink. Oh well. A quick stop at Century 21 for the bathroom and for me to buy out the rest of the Tiny Temptations' White Buttercream candles (the checker said it smelled like diabetes ... really so sweet I love it). Then it was home to watch a movie (The Gift ... set in the South appropriately).
  • On Sunday we rolled out for brunch at Washington Square Diner, after which we headed uptown to the Green Flea. We all found good scores -- a CD of the original "Hair" songs for Steve, a big shoulder bag for Dale, a $1 book for Shawn and me ... I got a couple funny letterpress cards, a leather pouch that can also be worn on a belt and a couple novels for our upcoming trip. Then we took a bus to the Times Square street fair that was taking place. It was SUPER crowded, and the bus stop took us several blocks past the street fair. But we persevered and were rewarded. I found a $5 necklace, and Steve and Dale each got souvenir NYC T-shirts. 
  • Next we took the subway downtown to cousin Kelli's workplace at the ESPN match truck -- a traveling catering truck that also shows the World Cup games on a big screen on top. We got free water and had a brief chat with her, then went into Chelsea Market to cool off (and take funny mustache pictures!) We were pooped so headed home, and we had authentic pizza for dinner. Love that Mercado's!
  • Monday was low key. I started work on time (or maybe a little early because I was geared up after being off on Friday ... uh ...), and they got up too to get packing. After they took one last turn around Washington Square Park, we had leftover pizza for lunch and they took off for the train. They made it home in 9+ hours, but home nonetheless. As far as I've heard the house is still standing and the cat is still alive.
I know how lucky I am to have in-laws I enjoy being with so much. We had a great time, and I can't wait for our next family "vacation" when they come visit us in Baton Rouge!


D Walker said...

We enjoyed every minute and look forward to more great times. Very nice post. DW

Sydney said...

I'm jealous! That looks and sounds so fun. Shawn and Steve were better at taking funny mustache pictures.

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